Data Scientist

The Data Scientist will research, develop, and evaluate methods and technologies for analysing and deriving value from Nominet’s technical and business data. They will do this by combining advanced mathematics and computational methods with a strong commercial focus. The successful candidate will be involved in the company's growing advanced data analytics provision with the opportunity to make a big impact within the business.

Up to £56K
Type of Hire
Ref No

Job Responsibilities

  • Understand the data-science and analytics landscape, investigating tools and technologies to help Nominet understand and get commercial value from its data
  • Be responsible for data analytics / data science on sets of complex and unstructured data in order to challenge thinking and solve complex business problems
  • Apply judgement to ensure the correct techniques are deployed in the correct circumstances to the data being analysed
  • Advocate, evangelise and develop new technologies based on sound and structured research of our data.
  • Challenge existing initiatives to improve their commercial worth
  • Identify and research the potential for future services derived from Nominet data.
  • Communicate strategically, describing your technical and non technical findings in a way to suit your audience
  • Add to the ethos of a world class internet company with innovation, hard-work and a true passion for technology

Interpersonal Skills

  • Works effectively as ‘part of the Company team’, communicates positively at all levels both internally and externally
  • Works effectively as part of a department team, recognises areas where support is required and offers assistance
  • Is flexible and adaptable in approach
  • Takes an active role in personal development and frequently reviews individual objectives and attends training sessions as required
  • Professionally manages customer communications
  • Professionally manages workload and conflicting priorities
  • Able to effectively problem solve and use initiative

Key results/Outputs and deliverables 

  • Develop new commercial data-driven products
  • Enhance current data initiatives to maximise their benefit to Nominet
  • Create and develop new algorithms for the analysis of large data sets
  • Develop extraction and analysis techniques using a variety of computing methodologies and languages
  • Create simple solutions for extremely complex and challenging problems.

Professional skills, background and profile 

The ideal candidate would have a real interest and enthusiasm for working with the latest technology within a highly motivated team.   You will bring fresh and exciting ideas to the role and have a very inquisitive and analytical mind. You also need to have the ability to work as part of a team as well as being self-motivated.

  • Ideally with commercial experience in a similar role (in addition to any research / postdoc positions)
  • Have proven commercial experience of delivering data projects that have made a measurable impact to the business (e.g. direct revenue increase, saving on P&L, efficiency etc.)
  • Have a strong business acumen and is able to communicate findings and recommendations across the organisations leadership structure
  • Advanced skills in statistical, mathematical and predictive modelling as well as business strategy skills to find the right answers
  • Skills in mathematical / technical computing software e.g. R
  • Wider programming/database experience (e.g. Java, C++, SQL etc.)
  • Good understanding of Spark, Cassandra, Kafka etc.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent academic background including a degree (BSc/or equivalent) in a computing-related or other numerate subject such as Computer Science, IT, Physics or Maths.
  • An interest and enthusiasm in computers and emerging technologies
  • An exceptional talent for problem solving and logical reasoning
  • Ability to think laterally and look beyond the obvious