Head of Cyber Sales EMEA

Here at Nominet our aim is to keep people secure – safeguarding their countries, their systems, their businesses, their reputations – This takes intellect, insight and intuition. Honed to the nth degree. Tech tamers and cyber gurus who live in the future, strike at pace, and put themselves in the shoes of friend and foe – for how else can you stop a threat before it happens?


London / Oxford
Type of Hire
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What does a Head of Sales do?

We’re leading a change in cyber security.  Safeguarding people and businesses from threats online.  As head of our EMEA sales team, you’re here to help us fight the good fight – and power us forward in those markets.

What we ask of our Head of Sales

There are things we ask of everyone who works with us, and some that are specific to each role.  Here’s what we need from our Head of Sales.

Own and drive growth
Set and meet right-up-there sales targets, then raise your sights higher for yourself and your team: aiming to exceed them five times over.  Hone clear sales objective that reflect each clients business and feed insights back to R&D, product and marketing – to steer the development of what we offer now and in the future

Open strong, close strong (and nail everything in between)
Stay on top of every stage of the highly consultative, complex sales cycle – from generating leads to closing deals.  Spot serious contenders from a mile off and know what it takes to see the sale through.  Develop and adapt your commercial strategies and manage change when needed.  Doing it all with integrity

Build relationships that last
Keep your network live and kicking.  Engage clients.  Empathise with them.  Be a compelling storyteller who reads a situation clearly and tailors our products and services to their individual needs.  That’s what it takes to turn a prospective lead into a solid contract – one that could flourish far beyond the original concept.

Lead the way to success
Grow, organise and manage a team built for success.  Stay hands on, interacting at every level and creating a culture aligned to the way we work at Nominet.  Be motivated and work independently, keeping all your plates spinning fast and efficiently – nothing inspires and galvanises the people around you more.

The skills and experience you will bring…

Your track record in sales speaks for itself: your mastery of the complete sales cycle, particularly in cyber security, is second to none.  And you’ve achieved international success in driving revenue growth and meeting aggressive growth targets.

You will have experience  inspiring, building, managing and organising a highly successful EMEA sales team.  Demonstrating to your team that you too can exceed team quotas and be that role model of how things should and can be done.

You have developed and implemented strategies.  Managed change with no hesitation.  Whilst handling multiple priorities and demands in a fast-paced environment.

You will bringing unique capabilities at the executive level and having a strong network or access to CXO level.