Inbound Marketing Lead

Every digital leap forward we make is fuelled by all kinds of can-do. Finance, legal and HR. Operations, customer services and marketing.

Experts who keep our pencils sharp and rockets firing. Bright, passionate people full of ideas.  We encourage them all, as we power a vibrant digital future together.

up to £41K
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What does an Inbound Marketing Lead do?

Our Inbound Marketing leads are optimisation gurus, setting up and optimising B2B-Enterprise marketing streams across all of our products and services.  Managing the HubSpot and Salesforce integration and taking the lead for Inbound Marketing and passionate about finding new things to optimise.

You're here to make a success of every you do and manage it to the highest level, start to finish. 

What we ask of a Inbound Marketing Lead?

There are things we ask of everyone who works with us, and some that are specific to each role.  Here’s what we need from our Marketing Automation Lead.

Deliver Marketing Excellence

Be the go-to person for creating, managing & executing multi-channel marketing campaigns.  Leveraging SEO, social, inbound marketing, email & print campaigns to drive customer acquisition.  for our new products and services. Ensuring that email marketing strategies across the business are aligned.  Map & own customer journeys and buying cycles creating campaigns and workflows that support them from contact acquisition to retention.

Take Ownership

Manage the HubSpot & Salesforce integration making it effective.  Deliver improved marketing contribution to sales pipeline and revenue by using your expert knowledge of marketing automation and effective nurturing campaigns. 

Future fit
Analyse, interpret campaign data in order to drive results.  Constantly ask yourself: Do our results deliver and how can we improve what we do?  Challenge yourself to boost our already robust processes and systems to an even higher standard. Maintain your knowledge of the industry our diverse products and services and monitor trends in digital marketing.

Stay connected
Be a bridge between marketing and the teams responsible for the new products and service strategies. Stay in touch with and on top of third party suppliers.  Communicate positively at all levels, inside and outside the company. 

The skills and experience you bring…

Ideally HubSpot and Salesforce trained, and have substantial experience in a B2B enterprise marketing environment.  You will have created, managed, and executed multi-channel marketing campaigns leveraging SEO, social, inbound marketing, email & print campaigns and events to drive customers for email automation and nurturing capabilities. 

They relish working on activities that attract leads and get excited about moving leads into customised nurturing streams.  Using criteria to understand the results and move someone to a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL).

You will  work in all kinds of ways with all kinds of people, and build strong relationships with colleagues. Gladly juggle and multitask across lots of strands of work with varying priorities.

You'll write in a way that’s easy to understand and digest – and can analyse and interpret all manner of information, including numerical to understand why something did or didn’t work and what you can do to improve the MQL.