Junior DNS and Network Engineer

You’re right at our core, keeping our tech engines firing. The IT developers, protectors and futureproofers who support, stabilise and secure so we’re all systems go. From the critical national infrastructure to .uk. From governments and global enterprises to the internet community beyond. If something goes down, you get it back up. If it needs improving, you finesse and fine-tune it. Because nothing less than peak performance – ours and yours – will do.

Up to £37,000
Type of Hire
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What does a Junior DNS and Network Engineer do?

Our Junior DNS Engineers are safe guarders, joining the dots to operate DNS and Network systems that are critical infrastructure supporting the core of the internet globally.  

What do we ask of a Junior DNS and Network Engineer?

There are things we ask of everyone who works with us, and some that are specific to each role.  Here’s what we need from our Junior DNS and Network Engineer.

Tech Tamer
You will assist in the support and operation of Internet platforms to ensure they are secure, stable and maintained to maximise uptime for external and internal DNS services.

Bring your ‘A’ game
Confidently handle whatever comes your way: analyse business requirements, design and deploy infrastructure all whilst dealing with the unknowns. Be a stickler for security, all the time. All without needing to be told.  

Keep everyone in the loop
Developing relationships across your team and the wider technical teams. Building your knowledge of the environment and supporting the wider business to showcase the importance of DNS and internet operations to Nominet and its service offerings.

Maintain excellent standards

Meet our highest-quality standards, service levels & “uptime”. Take the reins and react promptly to resolve incidents.  Challenge yourself to boost our already robust systems to an even higher standard by creating simple solutions for complex problems.

The skills and experience you bring…

You will have a basic knowledge of Internet operations, networking (TCP/IP. BGP) with an understanding of DNS.

You will have Linux skills and a desire to improve and become an expert in DNS and internet operations.

You will have a real interest and enthusiasm for working with the latest technology and bring fresh and exciting ideas to the role. 

You will feel comfortable being part of a self-motivated team who strive on being inquisitive and adopting an analytical mindset.