Pre-Sales Engineer

Keeping people secure - safeguarding their businesses, their reputations, their lives - takes intellect, insight and intuition.  Honed to the nth degree.  Tech tamers and cyber gurus who live in the future, strike at pace, and put themselves in the shoes of friend and foe - for how else can you kill a threat before it happens.

Type of Hire
Ref No

What does a Pre-Sales Engineer do?

Our Pre-Sales Engineers are Tech-tamer, joining the dots, to provide fit for purpose solution for a threat free tomorrow.  They’re here to leverage their technical know-how to support the business and partner on technical  inquiries pre and post sales. 

What we ask of a Pre-Sales Engineer

There are things we ask of everyone who works with us, and some that are specific to each role.  Here’s what we need from our Pre-Sales Engineers.

Cyber Guru
You are the Technical Expert, putting the solution to the test, answering all matter of questions and building confidence in our solution, by securing new customer and partners.

Tech Interpreter
You love communicating and selling the benefit of a vibrant digital future.  Keep it simple in a way that’s easy to understand and making the complex jargon free.

Big-picture Painters
Making it clear why NTX is the only solution our customers & partners needs, by driving forward successful customer engagement.  Articulating data analytics and Cyber security offerings. Connecting their needs to deliver value.

Super Connector
It doesn’t matter if the customer is new, existing or even a prospect.  You are a vital part in this team.  Collaborating, supporting and successful in joining the dots to secure business.

The skills and experience you will bring…

There are experienced in Technical Sales – in a Technology space.  That includes large enterprise customers and partners.  Identifying offerings which differentiate Nominet from its competitors. 

They relish working in all kinds of ways with all kinds of people, and build strong relationships with customers and colleagues alike. They gladly juggle and multitask across lots of strands of work with varying priorities.

They will respond and create proposals.  And they will deliver demonstrations and articulate cyber solutions at an executive level in
a way that’s easy to understand and digest

They know their way around the internet, virtualisation and networking technologies.  Using at least one scripting language and relational database technology.