Quality Assurance Coordinator

You’re right at our core, keeping our tech engines firing. The IT developers, protectors and futureproofers who support, stabilise and secure so we’re all systems go. From the critical national infrastructure to .uk. From governments and global enterprises to the internet community beyond. If something goes down, you get it back up. If it needs improving, you finesse and fine-tune it. Because nothing less than
peak performance – ours and yours – will do.

Type of Hire
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What does a Quality Assurance Coordinator do?

Our Quality Assurance Coordinators are Dive-in-deepers, preparing, executing and closing multiple test activities at a time, often across various areas of our business. So they work closely with colleagues in different departments.  They’re here to make a success of every project and manage it to the highest level, start to finish. 

What we ask of a Quality Assurance Coordinator

There are things we ask of everyone who works with us, and some that are specific to each role.  Here’s what we need from our Quality Assurance Coordinator.

Quality is the name of the game
Own, prepare, schedule and execute high quality releases or projects as millions of people are depend on your skills.  Take the opportunity to shape the way QA works and the ability to work with cutting edge technology.

Think ahead
Anticipate, identify, record, track and manage any QA project risks and issue. Work closely with all levels of the company to ensure you deliver a pro-active hands-on delivery and execution of allocated QA projects.

Plan down to the last detail
Keep QA projects on track and on time. Work swiftly, to tight deadlines, and handle conflicting priorities – without needing to be told. Own detailed plans of manual system, functional and regression test activities, making sure that what we deliver meets our business needs and high standards.

Keep everyone in the loop
Analyse, interpret and present developments and information – to keep us updated. Communicate positively at all levels, inside and outside the company.

The skills and experience they bring…

You will have experience in preparing, executing and closing various test activities – ideally UAT, API and web based applications. That includes preparation and delivery of QA test activities and test plans.

You will relish working in all kinds of ways with all kinds of people. Your gladly juggle and multitask across lots of strands of work with varying priorities.

You will love working with new computer applications and quickly develops an understanding of them. – can provide guidance and share best practice outside of the QA team.

You might know your way around Linux, Domain Name System (DNS) and have or is willing to take ISTQB qualifications. 

Security Clearance Checks will be required for this role.