Why Nominet?

Nominet are looking for talented technical researchers to join the Emerging Technology team working on the exciting area of IoT & Autonomous Vehicle Technology. The candidate will use strong development skills to help design and prototype new technologies working towards a new digital infrastructure for autonomous vehicles.

We have a number of vacancies open during the year and are looking for people with interests in: cyber security, data analytics and processing, simulation, mapping and visualisation, protocols and standards, and application integration. We’re also interested to hear from technologists with smart city and transport research backgrounds.

This is a great opportunity for ambitious candidates to build upon and grow their core-skills to become experts in IoT & AV, representing Nominet at events and conferences and alongside high-profile partners on projects such as Driven (

You can find out more about the work of the Nominet Emerging Technology team


General Description of role

Work collaboratively with other researchers and software engineers in exploring and developing new technologies that will enable Nominet strategic aims and objectives.   Develop software applications using best practices to quickly build prototypes and asses viabilities of technology.   Become an expert in new research areas, contributing to standards bodies where necessary.   Clearly communicate findings and demonstrations to stakeholders internally and externally, helping to build partner relationships that benefit the wider team.

The position could be based in Oxford or London

Oxford / London
Type of Hire
Ref No

Responsible for

  • Exploring the technical viability of new technologies and techniques
  • Solving complex problems with no precedent and taking responsibility for key design decisions
  • Investigating and engaging with new trends, technologies and software packages
  • Developing relationships with people across the Nominet business
  • Presenting work to external partners and stakeholders
  • Contributing to standards bodies
  • Writing high-quality reports and documentation


Key result areas

  •  High level of delivery and innovation based on internal feedback and meeting internal milestones and objectives
  • Collaborative, productive working relationships with colleagues.

Core skills

    • Proven research experience in academic or commercial environment.
      • Java
      • C / C++
      • plus strong Javascript skills
  • Ability to produce documentation that is well structured and well written.
  • Ability to innovate and think differently
  • Strong knowledge of analytical and programming techniques.
  • Strong understanding and knowledge of database design.
  • Mathematical understanding of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. 
  • Fluent in at least two programming languages, preferably:
  • Ability to break-down complex problems and methodically solve
  • Ability to build software prototypes of a high standard
  • Being a good team player with a positive attitude and able to work with different people across departments and levels
  • Effective communication with technical and non-technical colleagues, including giving demonstrations of your software


Desirable skills/experience

  • Front-end frameworks (Angular, React etc), GIS and mapping technologies, simulation methods,
  • Experience in transport or insurance industries
  • Information security research knowledge
  • Data science and machine learning experience
  • Experience with any of: Apache Spark, Elastic Search, Neo4J, NoSQL databases, Mapbox


Ideal candidate

The ideal candidate would have a real interest and enthusiasm for working with the latest technology within a highly motivated team. They would bring fresh and exciting ideas to the role and have a very inquisitive and analytical mind. They would have the ability to work as part of a team as well as being strongly self-motivated.