Senior Analyst Developer

What does a Senior Analyst Developer do?

You’re right at our core, keeping our tech engines firing. The IT developers, protectors and future-proofers who support, stabilise and secure so we’re all systems go. From the critical national infrastructure to .uk. From governments and global enterprises to the internet community beyond. If something goes down, you get it back up. If it needs improving, you finesse and finetune it. 

Our Senior Analyst Developers are Java maestros who keep our .UK registry firing on all cylinders. In this role you work with our Operational Applications Team to design, develop, release, run and maintain our core software and systems architecture. You’re here to ensure that when it comes to quality of service, we’re second to none. The Operational Applications team is a team of software developers responsible for the operation and the development of the core and critical software systems that enable the .uk registry.

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What we expect from a Senior Analyst Developer

  • Lead requirements capture, analysis, design, implementation and production release of complex bespoke changes
  • Confidently manage unknowns and provide clarity for other members of the team
  • Manage expectations throughout development with key stakeholders
  • Take ownership of the operation and development of certain software components and business functions ensuring a high quality service that meets business requirements
  • Use strong communication skills to manage software releases in co-operation with other technical teams
  • Manipulate data, diagnose and fix newly encountered production issues
  • Develop and deliver documentation that will help others through the development process.


The skills, experience and behaviours we look for

  • Run and develop software to meet our highest-quality standards. Take the reins in everything from requirements capture, analysis and design to carrying out complex bespoke changes.
  • Confidently handle whatever comes your way: processes, releases, stakeholder expectations and feedback. Diagnose and fix productions issues and deal with the unknowns. Be a stickler for security, all the time. All without needing to be told. 
  • Be the go-to software authority everyone counts on, developing and building relationships across your team and beyond. Help tech and non-tech colleagues by being crystal clear and easy to follow – face-to-face and in writing. 
  • Professionally manage customer communications, workload and conflicting priorities
  • Have a creative and tenacious approach to problem solving
  • Have a can-do attitude and be excited by new technology, willing to pick up and work with any system no matter how unfamiliar

 Knowledge of:

  • Java
  • Unit testing, automated build and testing
  • SQL
  • Source code control systems (Git, SVN)
  • ORM Frameworks
  • Oracle RDBMS
  • Release management
  • Code profilers, checkers and optimisers

 Any knowledge of the following is highly desirable:

  • Oracle PLSQL
  • Spring/Hibernate
  • C++
  • JMS
  • DNS


  • Knowledge of database programming including SQL and large RDBMS
  • An ability to produce documentation that is well-structured and well-written.
  • To be conscious of the requirement for on-going security and to apply it as appropriate
  • Effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical colleagues
  • The ideal candidate would enjoy the challenge of developing software systems that are already fairly robust to a high quality.